Why Sea Kayaking?

Back in August 2010 and on the social networking site, Facebook, there was around 9,000 people on the sea kayaking page.  January 2011 and there was over 12,000!  


What is it then that attracts people to sea kayaking and is it something for you? 


  • Sea kayaking offers a different perspective, it can be relaxing and rejuvenating. 
  • A sea kayak is fast, light and sea worthy.
  • Ever thought what's around that headland ... you can almost go wherever you like and in your own time, in a sea kayak.


  • Sea kayaking provides an opportunity to get close to nature and interact with the environment.
  • A collective experience as well as uniquely individual one.
  • Paddling a sea kayak is environmentally friendly, creates very little noise, with no smell or use of fuel and cuts gracefully through the water.
  • If you love exploring and walking along our coast, you probably will love sea kayaking.
  • Developing different paddling skills & techniques, requires focus and allows us to forget about the week we have just had!
  • Meeting other people, developing friendships and relationships!
  • Sea kayaking can provide excitement, challenge and the feeling of being alive.
  • Providing you are trained, plan well, review and carry the appropriate kit & equipment, sea kayaking is safer than many popular sports, such as cycling.  Sadly 10 people died in 2010 from falling through ice.
  • The same beach, cove or coast line is never the same.
  • Appeals to men and women of all ages.
  • Sea kayaking provides a super form of exercise and activity.
  • You can paddle in many different and varied destinations across the globe, from the Arctic to Baja Mexico, Sicily and the Mediterranean to the Golden gate, San Francisco.
  • A sea kayak is affordable, fairly easy to transport (you can get folding ones which can be taken on public transport) and you have no launching fees to pay.
  • Ever walked along a cliff path, looked down and seen people sea kayaking and wondered ... curiously, what it would be like?

Is it something for you?


Have a look at some of our photos below, which may help to provide a clear picture for you.  At the end of the day, some times the only way to really find out is to book a course and feel it for your self  Smile



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Tavi Murray

"And I'm probably learning more from his mentoring now, as my paddling horizons expand, than ever before. I can't count how many questions I've asked... and he's answered. Roger has the knack of making that suggestion that radically changes your thinking and moves your paddling on in leaps and bounds."

Simon Turnbull

"I've just completed a two day 4* Sea kayak training course with Roger. Having been coached by Roger in the past, I choose to do this course with Roger because I knew I would get a great deal from the course. My expectations were certainly well and truly met"

Stella King

"There are a number of wonderful things about Roger. He has a very light touch in his coaching, and he's always smiling and encouraging you to relax into the enjoyment of the day"

We come recommended
Thank you for all your help and guidance, you made it a great time with your smiling face and positive outlook. Happy paddling.
Jo from Yorkshire