Tracy Arnold


What is your job and briefly what does it involve?
Nurse Practitioner in General Practice, I diagnose and treat Minor Illnesses , Asthma COPD Diabetes and
Hypertension and manage these as well as other Long Term Conditions . I deal with Womenshealth , travel health and infection control issues

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?
Determined, expressive, resourceful 


all sorts


all sorts


I'm nosey so lots of things but particularly the natural world /cycling -expending energy exercising /spending time with Family

Thrillers are my favourite but again all sorts e.g.
The Pelican Brief, Pans Labyrinth, The Station Agent, 



Again all sorts e.g. A History of Love -Nicole Krauss, Shadow of the Wind - Carlos Ruiz Zafon, A Thousand Splendid Suns- KhaledHosseini, The Pope’s Rhinoceros - Lawrence Norfolk 

What does sea kayaking offer you?
I like the fact that it involves developing skills in various areas not only the kayaking but tidal planning,weather environment etc. Escape primarily from everything else where I can get to know me and bask my senses in the ever changing surroundings.It can be mellow and peaceful or an exciting challenging experience dependent on your taste.

What have you achieved, to date through paddling with Roger and Coastal Spirit?
Roger has supported, challenged and empowered me, enabling me to improve my paddling and associated skills. He shows great professionalism and delivers his coaching with patience and good
humour. I feel he goes that extra mile to understand a barrier that i may have been facing that has held me back on some point or another and he has come back with suggestions of ways I can work on overcoming it.

Why Coastal Spirit?
The ethos on the website beckoned us in. I think it accurately reflects the experience provided.

What are you looking forward to and where would you most like to paddle next and why?
I am looking forward to developing further and training to become a 4* leader. The reason is because I would like to support other paddlers to enjoy the environment and what it has to offer and enjoy getting to know other people. I would really like to paddle in other countries and would love to go to Alaska to see the glaciers and wildlife - Tracy achieved a 10 day Alaskan paddle with her husband July 2015 and felt prepared for the 6 days constant rain, wind and bigger seas!

Choose 3 words to sum up your time with Coastal Spirit?
Empowering - Energising–Excellence

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Simon Turnbull

"I've just completed a two day 4* Sea kayak training course with Roger. Having been coached by Roger in the past, I choose to do this course with Roger because I knew I would get a great deal from the course. My expectations were certainly well and truly met"

Tavi Murray

"And I'm probably learning more from his mentoring now, as my paddling horizons expand, than ever before. I can't count how many questions I've asked... and he's answered. Roger has the knack of making that suggestion that radically changes your thinking and moves your paddling on in leaps and bounds."

Stella King

"There are a number of wonderful things about Roger. He has a very light touch in his coaching, and he's always smiling and encouraging you to relax into the enjoyment of the day"

We come recommended
Thank you for all your help and guidance, you made it a great time with your smiling face and positive outlook. Happy paddling.
Jo from Yorkshire