Pat Moore


What is your job and briefly what does it involve?

International Social Work as well as Director of One Moore Adventure Consultancy


What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Keen learner, commited & adventurous


What is your favorite & best stuff: 


Human powered adventure undertakings along with a passion for the visual media; My forty plus years of adventure undertakings have taken me throughout Canada, Alaska, The United States, Mexico, South America, the United Kingdom, the Mediterranean, and Nepal both in mountaineering and sea kayaking.  It includes high altitude climbing in Alaska, Mexico, the Andes and the Himalayas.



What does sea kayaking offer you?

A place to be re-created, a place to play, a place to see where two environments meet


What have you achieved, to date through paddling with Roger and Coastal Spirit?

What have you achieved, to date through paddling with Roger and Coastal Spirit?

I have paddled with Coastal Spirit for over 5 years and gained my 3 star performance award from Roger; I did my 4 star leader training with Roger and assessment with an another provider.  I also did my 5 Star leader training with Coastal Spirit and gained the concept and principles of BODY, Boat and blade. He has also provided me with the opportunity to share my Greenland paddling skills with others as well as a opportunity to develop, test & market my OMA Greenland paddle.


Why Coastal Spirit?  Good Karma. Plus a coach who gives & shares his passion with others


What are you looking forward to and where would you most like to paddle next?   Above the Arctic Circle, the West Coast of Ireland, Baja & the Florida Keys 


Why – I like places of contrast


Choose 3 words to sum up your time with Coastal Spirit?

A chance to explore … dream … and discover

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Stella King

"There are a number of wonderful things about Roger. He has a very light touch in his coaching, and he's always smiling and encouraging you to relax into the enjoyment of the day"

Tavi Murray

"And I'm probably learning more from his mentoring now, as my paddling horizons expand, than ever before. I can't count how many questions I've asked... and he's answered. Roger has the knack of making that suggestion that radically changes your thinking and moves your paddling on in leaps and bounds."

Simon Turnbull

"I've just completed a two day 4* Sea kayak training course with Roger. Having been coached by Roger in the past, I choose to do this course with Roger because I knew I would get a great deal from the course. My expectations were certainly well and truly met"

We come recommended
Great week, top tips, unfailing humour and Roger keeping a straight face at key moments!
Craig from Manchester